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Aeroengines and ground gas turbines are known as the crowns of modern industry and important symbols of the country's comprehensive strength. To improve the performance of aeroengine, it is necessary to improve the performance of its key components: turbine blades. Turbine blade is listed as a key component due to its high temperature, complex stress and harsh environment, and is known as the pearl on the crown.

Blade is a special part, which has a large number, complex shape, high requirements, and is difficult to process. All along, the production of each engine factory is the key, so the human, material and financial resources invested in it are relatively large, and domestic and foreign engine manufacturers are working hard to improve the performance, production capacity and quality of blades to meet the needs.

The four axis five axis NC turntable based on cam roller mechanism can effectively improve the machining ability of CNC machine tools for complex shaped parts.